A miracle called Child

Primární a nejdůležitější  potřebou každého dítěte je rodina, pokud nemůže biologická, nastupuje rodina náhradní.

A miracle called Child

No child is to blame for where they are born. Everyone has a right to satisfy their best interest and well-being. The primary and most important need of every child is a family, if the biological one cannot, a surrogate family takes over.

Every surrogate family needs state support. His help and support is key to the development of substitute family care in the Czech Republic.

Within this project, the placement of children in families will be supported and promoted.

  • Discussions with experts and practitioners, where information about substitute family care will be disseminated to the general public.
  • Meeting of foster carers during various thematic events for the children entrusted to their care.

Responsible Contact

Kateřina Procházková

Foster Care Warehouse Coordinator
Soc. worker and Temporary Foster Carer

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