Our Projects

On this page you will find a summary of the projects and other activities that our organization is engaged in. But there are also some projects that we would like to deal with in the future, perhaps with your support.

The foster warehouse in Horoměřice is a meeting place for surrogate parents from all over the Czech Republic.

It is a place to get to know each other, share information, but especially to get important material help for children in care.

It is of greatest importance for temporary foster parents, who sometimes take over the child from hour to hour and where they do not know the child's age in advance and function as a crisis measure.

Helping children in need for families who find themselves in difficult financial situations and refugees from foreign countries who have been forced to leave their homes.

The main goal is direct, immediate help to people in need. This is the donation of food, basic hygiene and other needs.

The collection of donated food, surpluses and material aid takes place in cooperation with the Food Bank for Prague and the Central Bohemian Region and a network of private donors.

No child is to blame for where they are born. Everyone has a right to satisfy their best interest and well-being. The primary and most important need of every child is a family, if the biological one cannot, a surrogate family takes over.

Every surrogate family needs state support. The state help and support is key to the development of substitute family care in the Czech Republic.

Within this project, the placement of children in families will be supported and promoted.

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